Get started in 5 minutes with 100 FREE texts. It's easy.

No Credit Card Required. No Annual Agreements.  Small business can use SMS Marketing Service for free for as long as needed. Start with 100 text messages per month.  Add unlimited number of contacts and scale up to larger competitive packages.  No special knowledge or technology needed to start texting your contacts.

Text messaging dominates all age groups. 90% of all texts are read within 30 minutes.

Consumers are text obsessed. SMS Marketing Services is the smartest, easiest, most reliable way to grow your reach.  50% of consumers ages 18-29 check their messages at least 7x per hour.  50% over age 45 check their phones more than 3x per hour.  43% over age 60 check their phones at least 3x per hour.

Attract new customers. Send texts, coupons, promotions and announcements.

Collect new customer profiles with online signup template forms, print QR codes or easy text-to-short/long codes in all of your advertisements and brochures.  Send coupons, promotions, loyalty programs, announcements and event notices. Communicate via text marketing, social media  posts, instant messaging, automated voice calling and email marketing — all from ONE platform! No other platform can do this.

The Most Complete SMS Service

SMS Marketing Services’ SMS services offer the most advanced set of features in the industry,
but it all starts with these core tools.

You Can’t Text

Without Targeting

People only want meaningful relevant text messages.
SMS Marketing Services automates the processes of both understanding each subscriber and using that data to shape each text message.

A phone that uses our text messaging services
Automate Chores Automate Results

Automate Chores

Automate Results

Set SMS Marketing software on autopilot, so it manages tasks for you. Our intelligent Text Bot can even engage in interactive conversations with your subscribers based on their responses or data you have about them without needing you to write a line of code.

A Number Type

to Suit Every Need

Whether it’s a short code, local number, toll-free number, text-enabled landline number, or the upcoming high throughput 10-digit number, we are committed to offering a complete set of choices to best suit your needs. See what option is best for you.

A Number Type to Suit Every Need

More Channels = More Communication

Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from a single integrated platform. Cater to your subscribers’ communication preferences and ensure that you reach 100% of your audience.

Sample Use Cases