Social Media

Did you know that more than 90 percent of consumers follow businesses on social media for promotions? If you’ve got something great to say, appearing on your subscribers’ newsfeeds will set your business apart from others.

Advantages of SMS Marketing Services’s Social Media Posting

  • Easily schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts, so they go out at the right time.
  • Build and maintain a following by engaging subscribers on the channels they care about.
  • Send text messages, deliver emails, and post to your social media feeds, all from a single integrated user interface.


With SMS Marketing Services, you can post on Facebook directly from our user interface. Publish a QR code that leads customers to your pages, or embed a link to your Facebook page in your keyword Auto Response. You can also create an online sign-up form in Facebook to capture customer information and build your contact database. But we don’t stop at just names and phone numbers. The form helps you collect specific customer interests and preferences, so you can send more accurately targeted messages.


With SMS Marketing Services you can easily link your SMS Marketing Services account to your Twitter account and broadcast your updates or promotions to your entire following.