SMS Marketing Services’s enables you to create a pre-recorded voice message and send out a voice broadcast to all of your audience.  Voice messaging is effective because it allows you to put a human touch to your messaging, and may be preferred by some subscribers both on mobile and landline phones.

Voice Broadcasting Use Cases

Create Your Own Voice Broadcast Campaign Right From Your Desktop

  • It is simple to record your message: From your desktop computer, use a computer microphone to record a message or upload a recorded message.
  • Broadcast your recording message to one or an entire group of people at one time.
  • Schedule your voice broadcast to go out at a specific date and time.
  • If  you need to resend your message, you can schedule message to be sent again and again if there is no answer or busy signal.

Customer Relations are easy to manage

  • Stay in contact with customers with a friendly voice message.
  • Pre-record a personal and heartfelt invitation to a special event.
  • Send out a special greeting, holiday message or well wishes to your customers.

Urgent or Critical Messages are Easy to Send

  • Broadcast critically important messages that need to heard and actioned immediately.
  • Even reach customers who may not use mobile phones.

Advantages of SMS Marketing Services’s Voice Broadcasting

  • Use any audio file to serve as your message.
  • Our text-to-speech system can also read your text and generate recorded messages for you.
  • Send your voice message to one person or a group of people at one time.
  • Schedule your blast to go out immediately or on a specific date and time.
  • Enable your message to be sent again if there is no answer or a busy signal.
  • Target specific members or groups of your audience with more relevant messages.