SMS For Healthcare and Medical Offices

Text messaging has revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. That’s why more medical offices are implementing texting as a vital part of their patient communication strategy. SMS Marketing Services’s solution goes beyond simple mass texting by allowing medical professionals to automatically follow up with patients, send appointment reminders, and communicate with employees effectively.

Use Cases

With 98% of all texts being read, there’s no better way to ensure patients remember their appointments.

  • Integrate with the scheduling software your office already uses to automatically send reminders the day before an appointment.
  • Automatically confirm whether or not the patient can make it, and send corresponding messages based on their answer. For example:
    • If they confirm “Yes”, send pre-op instructions.
    • If they say “No”, send a link for them to reschedule.

After an appointment, make sure your patients are well taken care of with automated follow-up messages.

  • Send periodic post-op care instruction and medication reminders.
  • Text-enable your office’s business phone number, so patients can text in to ask questions rather than be stuck on a call.

SMS Marketing Services makes sending important announcements and coordinating employees schedules faster and more effective.

  • Send internal messages for things like PTO requests or benefits reminders.
  • Fill missed shifts with text alerts to get coverage.
  • Send critical alerts or important memos to staff instantly.


HIPAA regulations require new processes and procedures.  Medical offices are required to be must be attentive when messaging patients.  We can provide professional services from our consulting team to advise you on the do’s and don’ts of text messaging related to HIPAA compliance.

More Advantages


Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from our integrated platform.


Maintain control and consistency across your multiple employees, departments, or locations.


Have the software you already use send text messages or synchronize contacts without having to program it all yourself.


We offer unmatched 365-day support, along with consulting to help you grow from your initial use case to a comprehensive automated strategy.