Appointment Reminders

With 98% of all text messages being read, it’s a great way to send reminders. Whether it’s for an upcoming event, time-sensitive appointment, or important deadline, SMS Marketing Services’s Appointment Reminders feature makes it easy to cut down on no-shows and missed opportunities. Just set the date and time
– that’s it!

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Message Scheduling

    Waiting around for the right time to send a message to hundreds of subscribers can be a headache, not to mention a waste of valuable time. With SMS Marketing Services, you can schedule messages in advance to go out at specific times.

  • Two-Way Texting

    Don’t just stop at sending a reminder. Answer questions and provide more details with two-way texting. Learn More

  • Omni Channel

    Send Appointment Reminders through text, email, and even voice for 100% reach. Learn More

  • Automation

    For more sophisticated use cases, we also offer a more powerful feature called Auto Campaigns that can send reminder messages based on triggers and conditions. For example:

    • automatically sending a reminder to anyone who hasn’t filled out an application a week before its deadline
    • automatically sending a reminder for an event to anyone who clicks a link with event details

    Learn More