A picture’s worth a thousand words, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) marketing enables you to send mobile marketing messages with captivating pictures or videos. This is a more engaging way to grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in your important messages, products, or services. Whether it’s a sale announcement with a coupon or an exciting picture of your new menu, MMS marketing is the best way to deliver a powerful message that boosts your brand’s image.

Why MMS?

Users are more likely to open colorful text messages because they stand out from plain-text messages.

96% of phones have the capacity to accept images and videos in the United States.

MMS doesn’t require a smartphone or data plan to receive images.

MMS has the same 98% read rate of SMS.

Eliminate the use of paper and cut the cost of expensive direct mailers.

MMS Marketing
Makes Sense

Over a third of consumers have opted themselves in to receive text messages from SMS service-enabled businesses. And that number is only growing. And it’s been proven that over 60 percent of those that sign up have redeemed at least one offer from an SMS or MMS service.

Here are some statistics that every business should know about SMS and MMS:

  • 98% of text messages are read, compared to just 22% of emails.
  • 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.
  • Text messages are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x quicker than email.
  • 89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses have an SMS service that can do this.
  • Over 60% of consumers would rather text than call when given the option for customer service.

Tips and Tricks

Marketing Needs Attractive Pictures

If you want customers to see your new products or learn about a sale, do it through colorful and fun picture messages. In order to increase your traffic both online and in-store, your marketing messages need to be inviting. If you include an offer like showing the MMS or mobile coupon at checkout for a discount, your customers will be more likely to redeem your offers.

Run Marketing Contests

Running a contest is another great way to use MMS marketing because picture messages are more engaging and fun to receive than simple text messages or emails. Texting can work both ways, so you can also have customers send you pictures for contests or competitions. So if you are a restaurant, you can have customers text in pictures of your signature dishes and give the best one a gift card or offer everyone who participated a mobile coupon.

Track Your Results

Once you have built a large database of subscribers, you need to be able to track your results in order to get the highest ROI on your campaigns. If you have an SMS marketing solution like SMS Marketing Services, you can track things like click-through and engagement rates, and you can see what’s working with your customers and change your campaigns accordingly. This will allow you to see what you can improve and help you streamline your campaigns so you get the best bang for your buck and see the highest engagement with customers.

Use MMS Marketing To Engage Customers

Once you have a subscriber, it’s crucial you keep them interested so they don’t opt out. Customers who sign up to see your sales are often the most loyal and most likely spend more, so it’s vital you send them deals that they will be excited to redeem. It’s also important that you send them updates on new products or services, which will increase your traffic both in-store and online.

An automated service like SMS Marketing Services can send customers offers automatically when it’s their birthday or some other special occasion, and customers that receive these messages will really appreciate the extra attention you give them on these special days, making them more likely to be an advocate for your business.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

Powerful Automation

SMS Marketing Services’s text messaging service is unique because of our industry leading automations that enables our users to carry out their text marketing campaigns automatically. Our SMS and MMS service will save you time and effort because of our industry-leading automations that carries out tasks for you, no intervention needed.

  • Our Auto Campaigns can run marketing campaigns for you without the need to code or monitor your campaigns. Once you set our software into motion, our industry-leading automations will provide your customers with an interactive and intelligent experience.
  • We have an interactive and intelligent Text Bot that can respond to customers questions and provide a better marketing experience through automated responses. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and saves your employees time by freeing them from most customer phone calls.

Lifecycle Engagement

SMS Marketing Services has something no other marketing service has – Lifecycle Engagement. This means our marketing can engage subscribers from their first interaction, and then continue to provide personalized service every step of the way, leading to higher repeat business and satisfaction.

  • From account signup to customer service and feedback, our solution can engage your subscribers from first interaction to last.
  • When customers receive personalized and fast support, they will become advocates for your business and stay with your for life.

Smart Targeting

SMS Marketing Services’s Smart Targeting allows you to sort contacts into different subgroups based on the criteria you want to target. Our solution can uniquely target your messages will reach the right audience and decrease opt outs.

  • Some services can only blast a large volume of untargeted messages. Our Smart Targeting lets you send out personalized offers to only the most interested parties, increasing redemptions while decreasing opt outs.
  • We keep your database up to ate at all times, so you can rest assured you won’t send irrelevant messages or miss new customers with tailored text messages.

Omnichannel Messaging

SMS Marketing Services is more than just an SMS service, we have a variety of communication options so that you can reach your entire audience no matter their preferred channel.

  • SMS Marketing Services’s email has many of the powerful features our SMS and MMS marketing service has. This includes messaging templates, message scheduling, and automations capabilities.
  • Voice and social media have their place too. You can send voice broadcasts or make a social media post directly from our software.

Advanced Functionality

SMS Marketing Services goes beyond the common messaging features of other providers.

Two-Way MMS

Don’t just talk to your audience, listen too. With SMS Marketing Services, subscribers can also send you pictures too.

Integrated Mass Messaging

Integrate our messaging into your applications with our REST and HTTP API’s. We also integrate via hundreds of applications you already use via Zapier.

Enterprise Tools

Create compelling marketing campaigns with our host of tools including text-to-join keywords, SMS surveys, and more.

Number Options

SMS Marketing Services offers a variety of ways to mass message including dedicated short codes, toll-free numbers, landline, and the upcoming 10DLC-A2P.