Mass Texting

When you need to get your message read by a large number of people at once, text messaging provides the most reliable and effective way. Emails only get read 22% of the time, while phone calls hardly ever get picked up anymore. On the other hand, people would sooner leave home without their wallets than their phones.

Why Mass Texting Matters

  • Text Messages Get Seen

    98% of all text messages get read.

  • Text Messages Offer Immediacy

    98% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

  • Text Messages are Discrete

    Texting is simultaneously the most attention-grabbing channel while also being discrete.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

SMS Marketing Services’s smart messaging goes beyond the indiscriminate mass messaging of other providers.

  • Reliable High-Volume Communication

    SMS Marketing Services’s partnered with hundreds of domestic and global carriers, so our high throughput can handle your mass text messaging projects reliably and rapidly.

  • Smart Targeting

    Even when sending messages to 100 subscribers at a time, you need to send to the right 100. Smart Targeting lets you filter subscribers based on their interests and behavior, so you send only relevant messages and minimize opt-outs. Learn more

  • Text Bot

    Our software automatically handles your text message campaign chores, scaling to hundreds of messages without you needing to lift a finger. Learn more

  • MMS

    Don’t just send words; mass send pictures too. Learn more

  • Number Options

    SMS Marketing Services offers a variety of ways to mass message including short codes, toll-free numbers, and the upcoming 10DLC-A2P (coming later 2019).

Example Use Cases


Increase revenue by announcing an annual sale to all your customers.


Fill more tables by sending a picture of your restaurant’s weekly menu.

Colleges and Universities

During critical situations, alert all students, staff, and faculty to the danger.


Increase enrollment in corporate benefits with mass deadline reminders.


Alert all employees to a network outage, as well as when it’s back up and running again.

Political Campaigns

Boost attendance at campaign events with a mass invite to everyone who’s indicated they live in the area.