Auto Response

SMS Marketing Services’s Auto Response automatically sends a response to contacts that opt-in to your mobile keywords. But SMS Marketing Services goes beyond simple auto responses by offering dynamic and automated features that do more than just send a static message.

How it Works

  1. 01Create a message that gets sent to every person who texts a chosen mobile keyword.
  2. 02Different mobile keywords can have different corresponding auto responses.
  3. 03When a subscriber texts in your mobile keyword, our system will then send them the message. It can include things like a thanks for signing up or a link to your webpage.
  4. 04You can even have auto responses set up with a coupon, so contacts are more likely to visit your business or redeem your offers online.
  5. 05Instead of ending the engagement there with just a simple response, you can then take the next step of asking qualifying questions or initiating an Auto Campaign.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Data Capture

    Gather much more information from your subscribers than just their mobile numbers by having the Auto Response ask questions and automatically capture their responses into your database. Learn more

  • Text Bot

    This feature interacts with subscribers, automatically branching down different messaging paths based on how they respond. This allows you to answer common questions or direct customers to the right page. Learn more

  • Shuffle Responder

    Send subscribers a randomly selected response from your pool of pre-made messages whenever they text in your keyword. Learn more

  • MMS

    Don’t just reply with simple text. Automatically send a picture message to immediately grab attention. Learn more