Smart Targeting

SMS Marketing Services’s unique Smart Targeting lets you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect, from customer characteristics and specific interests to their behavior. Unlike traditional mobile marketing services that can only send indiscriminate and repetitive messages, SMS Marketing Services’s Smart Targeting saves you from damaging your customer relationships by only sending the most relevant information.

Features and Benefits

  • Create Lists

    Automatically filter subscribers based on combinations of data you collect like their interests (e.g., what programs they are interested in), characteristics (e.g., region), and behavior (e.g., whether they clicked on a link).

  • Data Capture

    Targeting is only as accurate as the data you collect. Our system enables you to automatically capture data as subscribers respond to text prompts. Learn more

  • Behavior Tracking

    See what actions your subscribers take like clicking a link or replying to your message, and track how often, so you can target them better. Learn more

  • ROI

    Give your messages significantly more impact by targeting them accurately.

  • Minimize Opt-Outs

    Nothing is more damaging to your brand image and gets contacts to unsubscribe faster than receiving irrelevant messages.

Dynamic Targeting

Dynamic Targets keep your filtered distribution lists organized in real time, automatically updating whenever a new subscriber is added, a contact unsubscribes, or an existing profile gets updated.


  • Save Time

    Eliminate the pain of having to manually update lists one-by-one yourself.

  • Automated Updates

    Even if a subscriber changes an interest multiple times, there is no need to go into multiple lists and update the same information in all of them. By automating these chores, you’ll cut down on mistakes.