Online Sign-up Pages

SMS Marketing Services’s Online Sign-up Pages (OSP) allow you to opt subscribers in to your mobile campaigns while simultaneously gathering more information about them like their name, interests, and more. But while any online form can collect data, SMS Marketing Services is able to leverage it to make your messaging more effective and engaging with our powerful targeting and automations features.

How it Works

  1. 01Create an Online Sign-up Page to collect subscribers for your mobile campaigns.
  2. 02 Embed the OSP onto your website.
  3. 03When a user fills out the OSP, their information is automatically saved to their contact profile in your database.
  4. 04You can then use this information to better target your customers automatically.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Facebook OSP

    Collect info from your Facebook fans, friends, and other visitors directly from your Facebook page.

  • Templates

    Choose from our prebuilt and professionally designed templates, or create a customized one to match your branding.

  • Custom Data Fields

    Use customized data fields to gather more information about your audience in order to send more targeted messages.

  • Smart Targeting

    Only SMS Marketing Services can send tailored and highly relevant SMS messages automatically based on the data you collect. This will double your results and minimize opt-outs.

  • Automations

    Have our software automatically initiate a drip campaign when a customer completes an OSP.