Mobile Keywords

How it Works

What Are Mobile Keywords:

In just one memorable word, a mobile keyword makes it easy for subscribers to opt in to receive important messages and offers. There are no forms to fill out, apps to download, or URLs to remember. All they need to do is text your keyword to your number, and they’re in.

But SMS Marketing Services offers even more. While other mobile keywords can only collect phone numbers or send a single auto response, ours work as a powerful gateway to advanced features, enabling you to automatically capture data and engage your contacts.

  1. 01Choose your mobile keyword and register it in our system.
  2. 02Display your keyword in your store, collateral, and advertisements.
  3. 03Whenever someone texts your keyword to your number, their phone number will automatically be captured in our system.
  4. 04Have a response automatically sent to people who opt in via an Auto Response.

Automated Campaigns

Set it and forget it; that’s what automations can give you. Imagine sending messages and engaging your contacts after they text your keyword, all without you having to lift a finger. Learn more

Data Capture

Gather much more information from your subscribers by asking questions and automatically capturing their responses into your database. Learn more

Text Bot

Subscribers can quickly fork down multiple messaging pathways based on how the subscriber responds to a message. This enables the business own to respond to common questions or re-direct customers to the correct webpage.

Learn more

URL Parameters

Automatically send your webpage link to anyone who texts your keyword. When they click it, you can use our Site Tracking tool to track their behavior on your site like when they fill out a form or go to a pricing page, so you can send them more targeted messages. We can also auto-populate forms with the data you’ve collected such as name, email address, and phone number.