Auto Auctions

Text messages have revolutionized personal communication, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. Texts boast a near-perfect read rate of 98% and are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x faster than email. SMS Marketing Services’s unique solution is perfect for auto auctions because it gives them the power of texting, along with powerful targeting and automations tools to help keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Use Cases

With a 98% read rate vs email’s 22%, text messaging is the perfect tool to increase attendance at your auctions and maximize your ROI.

  • Send out mass text blasts to your customers before an auction date to increase attendance. For example, let all of your dealership customers know when the next dealer exclusive auction is live.
  • SMS Marketing Services’s unique Smart Targeting feature will allow you to send relevant messages to customers that best match their desired vehicle type and budget range.

For the same reasons you prefer texting with your friends over calling them, SMS is the most convenient and effective communication channel for engaging with customers.

  • Create keywords that build your contact database. For example, ask customers to text “Auctions” to your short code to collect their mobile number and our system will ask questions to capture more targeting information.
  • Send MMS picture messages of cars to your customers so they can see what they are buying.
  • Our Text Bot can automatically answer common questions customers may have without tying up your employees on the phone.

Everyone carries their phone with them at all times, making it the perfect tool to send and receive alerts.

  • Our Two-Way Texting allows your customers to communicate with you without the risk of phone tag or buried emails. Better yet, you can do this using your existing landline number, so you don’t have to use your personal number to text for business.
  • Because texts get responded to 7.5x more often than email, you’ll be able to gather more feedback.

Lifecycle Engagement

SMS Marketing Services uniquely allows you to communicate with customers throughout every stage of your business, from sign up for auctions to answering questions and getting customer feedback. For example:

More Advantages


Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from our integrated platform.


Maintain control and consistency across your multiple employees, departments, or locations.


Have the software you already use send text messages or synchronize contacts without having to program it all yourself.


We offer unmatched 365-day support, along with consulting to help you grow from your initial use case to a comprehensive automated strategy.