Text Messaging for Financial Services

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. SMS Marketing Services helps you tap into this power for your financial institution, allowing you to effectively reach your members. But our software goes further than common mass texting solutions by helping you automatically increase revenue by boosting customer satisfaction with service, simplify the fraud prevention process, market your services more effectively, and streamline operations with powerful automations.

Use Cases

SMS Marketing Services is the most powerful and versatile text messaging platform for the finance industry, helping you keep customers for life by improving their satisfaction with your service.

  • Our Two-Way Texting allows customers to communicate with you without the risk of phone tag or buried emails. Better yet, you can do this using your existing landline number, so you don’t have to use your personal number to text for business.
  • SMS Marketing Services’s unique Smart Targeting feature allows you to send only relevant alerts to customers based off of information you gather, minimizing opt-outs.
  • Send surveys via texting instead of email, and receive 7.5x more completed surveys.

SMS Marketing Services’s automated platform is built from the ground up to help your Financial Institution efficiently communicate with customers.

  • Use our intelligent Text Bot to automatically answer questions. This is perfect for directing customers to the correct specialist or answering frequently asked questions automatically.
  • Send voice, email, social, and SMS broadcasts to all of your members from our integrated platform. Whether it’s sending out mass messages or sending customers individual alerts on low balances or suspicious activity on their accounts, you’ll be able to reach them quickly on their preferred channel.

Getting the word out on your loan programs or other financial services can be hard. But with texting’s 98% read rate, you can use it for:

  • Promoting downloads of your mobile app via a link embedded in your texts.
  • Sending targeted loan offerings and include links to more details, current rates, etc.
  • Promoting keywords that build your contact database or promote downloads of your mobile app. For example, ask customers to text “HomeLoans” to your short code to collect their mobile number and send them your current rates.

Our platform gives two powerful ways to prevent fraud and help your members feel protected, boosting their trust in your services.

  • Use our API to integrate with your system, so you can send automated SMS alerts for unusual charges.
  • Two-Factor Authentication adds another layer of security for creating an account, authenticating logins by requiring a one-time passcode that’s either emailed or texted to your users when suspicious activity is detected.

Lifecycle Engagement

SMS Marketing Services was built from the ground up to make sure you can engage your customers in powerful ways throughout their lifecycle with your financial institution. Here’s how:

More Advantages


Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from our integrated platform.


Maintain control and consistency across your multiple employees, departments, or locations.


Have the software you already use send text messages or synchronize contacts without having to program it all yourself.


We offer unmatched 365-day support, along with consulting to help you grow from your initial use case to a comprehensive automated strategy.