With Text-to-Screen, you can make your audience a part of your event by allowing them to text in to share their comments on a large-screen display. Not only will you get them engaged, you can also get valuable feedback and liven up the event in real-time.

Benefits of Text-to-Screen

  • With proper disclosure, you’ll be able to automatically collect mobile numbers for future marketing campaigns. You can then follow up with them after the event! To discuss what “proper disclosure” means for compliance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • You can tailor the display by customizing the background image, colors, and fonts.
  • You can screen messages before they pop up in front of the entire audience.

Text-to-Screen In Action

  • Places of Worship

    Communicate with parishioners and members of a congregation by receiving questions and prayer requests.

  • Sporting Events

    Fans can cheer from stadium or arena jumbotrons for their favorite team!

  • Concerts and Events

    Display crowd requests or shout-outs.  Make each event a  memorable occasion.

  • Conferences

    Display contests, announcements, special messages on screen. Makes any event more interesting.

  • Classrooms

    Make class more interactive with Q&A sessions.