SMS Marketing for Insurance Agents and Agencies

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. SMS Marketing Services helps you tap into this power for your insurance business. Our advanced tools take you further than common mass texting solutions by helping insurers get more customers, improve collections, and boost customer retention.

Use Cases

With 98% of all texts being read, SMS offers unmatched potential for collecting leads and turning leads into customers. In fact, one SMS Marketing Services client improved to a 15% conversion rate.

  • Data Capture: Automatically collect more information from leads by sending prompting text messages and capturing their answers to store in your database.
  • Smart Targeting: Use the collected data to send only relevant insurance information and alerts automatically.
  • Score customers based on behavior they take in our system and on your webpage to target more relevant offers. For example, if one of your auto policyholders scores highly for interest in “home insurance”, you can automatically send them bundling discount information.

Text messaging makes the collections process easier because it is less intimidating than phone calls, and gets far more responses than paper or email billing. In fact, one SMS Marketing Services client saw a 13% increase in collections when they switched from calls to texting.

  • Send automated past-due text reminders via API.
  • Quickly communicate with customers about their bill via 2-way texting
  • Automate drip messages that automatically stop when the customer responds

For the same reasons you prefer texting with your friends over calling them, SMS is the most effective communication channel for engaging with customers. With SMS Marketing Services, you can even text-enable your office’s existing landline number to answer questions.

  • Share updates with clients and collect critical information during the claims process including sending and receiving picture messages of damage.
  • SMS Marketing Services offers the combined power of SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice a single platform, so you can reach your customers no matter their channel preferences.
  • Increase positive client reviews using post-service follow-ups and automated surveys.

SMS Marketing Services is fully turnkey solution with an array of end-user tools that make it quick and easy to service your customers and measure how your employees and departments are doing with things like powerful reporting. In addition:

  • Restrict access to contacts and message history for each member of your team, so you never have to worry about sharing confidential information with the wrong person.
  • Keep contacts separate depending on agency, location, or team member.
  • Cut down on mistakes by controlling access to features. So for instance, only managers can delete customer information, while support reps can only update.

Lifecycle Engagement

SMS Marketing Services allows you to communicate with customers throughout every stage of the customer experience. For example:

More Advantages


Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from our integrated platform.


Maintain control and consistency across your multiple employees, departments, or locations.


Have the software you already use send text messages or synchronize contacts without having to program it all yourself.


We offer unmatched 365-day support, along with consulting to help you grow from your initial use case to a comprehensive automated strategy.