SMS Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. SMS Marketing Services helps you tap into this power for your fitness center, allowing you to effectively reach your members. But our software goes further than common mass texting solutions by helping you automatically increase revenue, boost member satisfaction, and streamline operations.

Use Cases

Imagine 98% of your members actually reading your marketing material. That’s what SMS Marketing Services can offer.

  • Increase membership through text-to-join and renewal reminders.
  • Increase class sign ups by sending relevant offers based on the member’s interests and history.
  • Create targeted drip campaigns to engage prospective members into joining.

60% of customers would rather text than call for customer service.

  • Solicit feedback quickly and easily from your members to improve how your facilities and classes operate.
  • Text-enable your business landline number, allowing your members to text in their questions rather than forcing them to call and leave a message, get stuck on a call, or play phone tag.
  • Send mass messages with training tips or new class offerings.

Streamline your operations with our automations, which carries out tasks for you.

  • Automatically remind instructors and members of class start times to reduce no-shows.
  • SMS Marketing Services’s unique Smart Targeting feature will allow you to send out the most relevant offers. Based off of information you gather from your members, we can automatically send messages to members that best match classes or events that they are interested in.

Lifecycle Engagement

SMS Marketing Services’s text automations solution goes beyond simple mass blasting services. It can automate communications with members and ultimately improve satisfaction throughout their lifecycle with your fitness center. For example:

More Advantages


Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice, all from our integrated platform.


Maintain control and consistency across your multiple employees, departments, or locations.


Have the software you already use send text messages or synchronize contacts without having to program it all yourself.


We offer unmatched 365-day support, along with consulting to help you grow from your initial use case to a comprehensive automated strategy.