SMS Coupons

Boost sales with text coupons, which are easier to create and a lot simpler for customers to remember to bring than traditional printed coupons. In fact, SMS coupons are redeemed 10x more often! With SMS Marketing Services, we pair this effective feature with our powerful suite of advanced tools like targeting and automations.

Benefits of Text Coupons

  • No need for POS system integration. Coupons can be redeemed through a simple web browser.
  • SMS Marketing Services’s coupons work through SMS and email, so customers don’t need to download an app to use them.
  • SMS coupons can’t be ignored or forgotten because they are easy to find and stored on your phone.
  • SMS coupons offer instant delivery and higher open rates than email or social coupons.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Targeting

    Our system keeps track of customer interest and coupon redemption behavior, helping you more accurately target promotions.

  • Automations

    Automatically have coupons sent when a customer texts your keyword, clicks a link, or fills out a form, or have a reminder sent to everyone who hasn’t redeemed it the day before it expires. You can even “score their behavior” to target most accurately.

  • Omni Channel

    With SMS Marketing Services, not only can you send enticing text coupons via SMS, but also through email so no one is left out.

  • Tracking and Analysis

    SMS Marketing Services keeps track of your coupon campaigns, so you can see what worked and what didn’t. Fine-tune your offerings and maximize your results.