There are two ways we let you track your contacts’ behavior. Both allow you to gather more information, so you can more accurately target messages to them and even assign qualifying scores.

Click-Through Tracking

Click-Through Tracking allows you to track whether or not a contact has clicked a link you sent them. You can then save that data to their contact profile for future targeting or have further actions carried out automatically.

How It Works

  1. 01Create a link in our software that leads to a webpage of your choice.
  2. 02Embed the link into your texts and emails.
  3. 03SMS Marketing Services then automatically tracks who clicks on which links.
  1. 1Send a link that leads to an invite for an upcoming event.
  2. 2A week before the event, automatically resend the invite to everyone who hadn’t clicked the link yet.
  3. 3 On the day before the event, automatically send a reminder to everyone who clicked the link by then.
  4. 4The following month, send invites to similar events to those who clicked the link and additional incentives to those who didn’t.

Site & Event Tracking

Site and Event Tracking allows you to know if a contact has visited your web pages or performed a specific action on your website.

How It Works

  1. 01Embed our Site and Event Tracking code into your website.
  2. 02When a contact visits one of your web pages, that information is saved to their contact profile.
  3. 03You can then use this information to segment your audience and target them based on what web pages they’ve visited.


  • Automatically send a follow up message to customers who visit your pricing page.
  • Automatically send a greeting message when someone fills out your contact form.
  • Automatically send a coupon to someone when they fill out a review on your site.