Auto Campaigns

Do More Without Lifting a Finger

SMS Marketing Services’s unique Smart Targeting lets you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect, from customer characteristics and specific interests to their behavior. Unlike traditional mobile marketing services that can only send indiscriminate and repetitive messages, SMS Marketing Services’s Smart Targeting saves you from damaging your customer relationships by only sending the most relevant information.

How It Works


Set a condition for the Auto Campaign.

For example, whenever a contact:

  • texts your keyword
  • clicks your link
  • responds to your message
  • accumulates 20 points in
    Lead Scoring
  • completes a survey, etc.


Set the corresponding action that will be set off when the condition is met.

For example:

  • send a message
  • initiate a drip campaign
  • add the contact to a distribution list
  • save data to the contact’s profile
  • send an automated reminder, etc.


The tasks can be set to wait minutes, hours, weeks, or days before being carried out.

Levels of

Not all automations is alike, ranging from fixed responses to inbound texts, to advanced branching campaigns, SMS Marketing Services has them all.


In its most basic form, responses can be automated whenever a subscriber takes an action. A common example of this is sending a message when someone texts your keyword. While this is what most companies consider automations, this is only the beginning for SMS Marketing Services.


This next level enables you to incrementally send messages to a subscriber at specific periods of time such as a day, week, and month after they texted your keyword. While these time intervals can be preset, most software cannot dynamically adjust their campaign flow based on the subscriber’s actions or responses. While time is just a single variable in drip campaigns, it is just 1 of 18 for SMS Marketing Services’s automated campaigns.


What sets SMS Marketing Services’s automations apart is our advanced automations capabilities that are truly unique in the industry. They can branch down diverging paths based on responses, whether or not a subscriber takes an action (e.g.: clicks a link or submits a form), and a multitude of other criteria. This makes each campaign tailored and engaging to the subscriber. This unique advantage minimizes opt-outs and maximizes customer lifecycle value.

Ways to Implement Auto Campaigns

Campaign Suggestions

In addition, SMS Marketing Services’s Campaign Suggestions feature can automatically give you advice on how to improve your auto-campaigns based on anonymous data we’ve collected from our very own users’ successful campaigns. And the best part is that this feature will always get better and smarter as more user data is collected. On top of this, our Consultants work hand-in-hand with you and share our years of experience to maximize your campaigns.