MMS Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send messages with informative photos or videos. Pictures and images are more engaging and create more interest in your communications. Whether it’s a special event or holiday greeting with a promotional offer, MMS is the best way to deliver a powerful message that is instantly read.

Why MMS?

  • 96% of phones have the capacity to accept MMS in the United States.
  • Users are more likely to open colorful MMS messages because they stand out from plain-text messages.
  • MMS has the same 98% read rate of SMS.
  • MMS doesn’t require a smartphone or data plan to receive images.
  • Eliminate the use of paper and cut the cost of expensive direct mailers.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Smart Targeting

    Only SMS Marketing Services can send tailored and highly relevant MMS messages that will double your results and minimize opt-outs.

  • Automation

    Our software can automatically send MMS messages for you when a subscriber does things like text your keyword, click a link, or reply to a specific message.

  • Two-Way MMS

    Don’t just talk to your audience, listen too. With SMS Marketing Services, subscribers can also send you pictures too.

  • Landline Texting

    Text-enable your business’s existing phone number, so subscribers can text pictures to your business as well as call.

  • Integrated Messaging

    Integrate our SMS messaging into your applications with our REST and HTTP API’s. We also integrate via hundreds of applications you already use through Zapier.

  • Enterprise Tools

    Set access rights to contacts and features such as who’s allowed to send MMS messages for different regions, locations, departments, or roles.

  • Engagement Features

    Create compelling text messaging campaigns with our host of tools including text-to-join keywords, SMS surveys, and more.

  • Number Options

    SMS Marketing Services offers a variety of ways to mass message including short code, toll-free numbers, landline, and the upcoming 10DLC-A2P (coming in 2019).

How Different Industries Can Use MMS


Send videos, or promote brand awareness by incorporating your logo. MMS creates powerful visual-branding possibilities.


Engage and mobilize customers by sending enticing coupons, important alerts, event invitations, or holiday greetings.


Send mouth watering pictures of your food or an image of your menu for easy ordering.


Have policy holders send you pictures from the scene of an accident for their claim.

Customer Service

Let customers text you a picture or video of their faulty product to get a refund.


Circulate pictures of your latest corporate outing to boost morale.