Yes/No Response

Sometimes all we really want is a simple answer. With SMS Marketing Services’s Yes/No Response feature, you can gain immediate feedback by asking your audience to respond to a question with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. This is great way to grow your contact database by having contacts opt themselves in to vote. Or, if you already have a contact list, you can easily text a question to poll your audience and get instant replies.

Advantages of Yes/No Voting

  • Grow your contact database whenever a subscriber texts your keyword as long as you offer proper disclosure.
  • Customize your auto-responses for “Yes” replies and “No” replies.
  • Automatically track who has participated and who has not.
  • Receive immediate responses from your audience in critical situations.
  • Get reports on who participated, their responses, and statistical results.

The SMS Marketing Services Advantage

  • Auto Campaigns – Depending on whether the subscriber responds Y or N, send them different messages.
  • Smart Targeting – Automatically sort contacts into separate distribution lists based on how they respond, so you can target future messages.